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"in the silence hear the still small voice
that reached the prophets ear."
Quaker John Greenleaf Whittier

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The Religious Society of Friends came into being during the religious turmoil of 17th century England. Its founder, George Fox, after long and lonely seeking for religious truth, discovered what is still the heart of our Quakerism:
“There is one, even Christ Jesus, that can speak to thy condition.”

Although we as Friends (or Quakers) consider ourselves part of the wider Christian Church, we have no written creed or fixed statement of belief. Our faith is that God’s loving guidance is as directly available to us today as it was to the Prophets and Apostles of Biblical times. Both as individuals, and as a Meeting, we strive to be open to the leadings of the Holy Spirit, to follow the paths of God according to the measure of Light given to each of us.

Manasquan follows the traditional “unprogrammed” form of worship: we settle into silence with no pastor nor order of service. We gather, and wait together, seeking to feel the presence within of the Living Christ – “the true light that enlightens everyone.” Anyone in the Meeting may be inspired to share aloud a message, a prayer, or a heartfelt concern. Sometimes no one will be led to speak – but even a wholly silent Meeting leaves us deeply moved, closely gathered and refreshed.

The hour of worship is over when we turn to one another and shake hands.

We welcome you to find strength and peace while worshipping with us.
A Key
by William Penn, 1692