Adult Discussions


All are welcome to attend adult class

First Day (Sunday), before Meeting, interested persons meet together to study and read from a selected piece of literature. After a moment of silence to join in spirit and become gathered this group takes turns reading from the selected work and discussions are opened as the material proceeds.

Of recent study has been such works as:
William James " The Varieties of Religious Experience",
The Quaker Book of Discipline "Faith and Practice",
The "Journal of John Woolman",
The "Journal of George Fox",
"Encounter with Silence: reflections from the Quaker Tradition" by John Punshon,
"Peace Pilgrim"
"If the Church were Christian" by Philip Gully.
"Conversations with Christ"; Quaker Meditations on the Gospel of John, by Douglas Gwyn.
The writings of Lewis Benson on the nature of Quakerism.
Henri Nouwen's "Here and Now".
Jay Parini's, "Jesus, the Human Face of God"
Michael Moorewood's "In Memory of Jesus"
Willian Cooper's "A Living Faith".
Our last work under discussion was Shelby Spong "Why Christianity Must Change or Die"

We are now in a discussion about our next adventure and reading a pamphlet by a Quaker woman about financial reponsibilty and morality. "Money and Soul" by Pamela Haines.