1885 Newpaper article uncovered by Robt. L White


While researching information in the "Manasquan Sea Side" newspapers. 1877-1887, I came upon and interesting article entitles "Decoration Day". The content of this article, descrbed the marching of the members of Vredenburg Post No. 47, G.A.R. in Manasquan, and their intention of decorating the Veteran's graves in their local cemetaries. After placing a flag and spreading some flowers on each of their comrades,and then proceeded to the Friends's burying ground and decorating the grave of Robert Coombs, a Revolutionary war hero. WHOA!

Up untill this information was printed concerning the Friend's burying ground and referring to Robert Coombs, A Revolutionary hero, it was believed that William Pearce, PVT. Continental Line, 1737-1799, was the only Revolutionary War soldier this this place.

Aagin on Decoration Day 1886, it was written that after the services were completed at Atlantic View Cemetery, " the line of march was taken up and the Post proceeded to the Friend's burying ground and decorated the graves of Robert Combs, a Revolutionary War Hero, William Eaker and Charles Curtis who slept their last sleep in this picturesque and secluded City of the Dead.

An additionally Monument has been placed on the grave of William Pearce in recent years by members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, but to this day there is nothing to commemorate the Revolutionary War hero, Robert Coombs. (RLW)