A Video Witness by Karen Armstrong

"Religion and the History of Violence"

George Fox told Quakers they must be prophets in their own time. By this I presume he meant we should stand to our convictions in the face of all opposition; as he did in his day. Simultaneously, we are advised to see and acknowledge the light in our fellow human beings; and above all be willing to listen and be open to what they have to say. Openings, revealed to us through other voices are the Christ within speaking directly to each one of us.

Our modern culture seems dedicated to obviate any semblance of acknowledgement of the aforementioned precepts. Loving one another is not a precept with any value in a culture of materialism and listening to others is not a precept of any value is a highly partisan environment. We are all too aware of the harsh and hateful dialogs that assault our ears daily and are preached ad nausium all over the mass media.

In this din can appears one voice that can refresh us, and bring an ocean of light above a sea of darkness. This talk by Karen Armstrong is the light within, come to testify before the world. She is an amazing soul, with a message for the modern world that all should hear. I hope you will chose to listen. It's a little over an hour of compassion and understanding.

A Video Lecture By Karen Armstron "Religion and the History of Violence"